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Blog - Keys, Locks and Doors

The Powerful Names of God - July 31, 2019

There is nothing like being intimately familiar with someone that you love, admire and trust.  Friendships are made stronger because we get to know someone more as we spend more time  with them.  Marriages are built to last when we are intentional about the time we invest in knowing more about our spouses.  Every relationship that lasts requires time, effort, work and for some reason we think this is not true when it comes to God.  I absolutely LOVE discovering the characteristics, the attributes and the depth of God through the revelation of His many names.  I have been doing a study on the names of God since June and the weekly sharing of this Word in Bible study has been so rich and affirming!  Pastor Tony Evans, one of my absolute favorite teachers of all times, has also been doing a study on the names of God.  Why is it important?  Because in each name we go a little bit deeper into who God is, how we matter to Him and how we see ourselves through Him.  He gives us one particular name that just makes my spirit leap every time I call it.  That is I AM.  God said to Moses when He told him to go to Pharaoh, tell him that I AM sent you.  I AM?  What kind of name is that?  

The depth of that name, I AM, comes from experience with Him.  Who is I AM?  He is everything that you need, that's who.  You need healing? I AM.  You need deliverance?  I AM.  You need a miracle in your household?  I AM.  You desire to come out of addiction and can't find that way?  I AM.  Sick? Hungry? Confused? Lonely? Need a friend?  I AM.  I AM everything you need and I AM here to walk with you.  Personally I can't think of any other name that makes my heart leap with rejoicing more than this name.  I am so glad that I know the I AM that I AM.   ‚Äč  Grace and peace, Pastor G